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The business is temporarilly closed.

This business is closed in repudiation of the invasion of Arab lands by foreign forces. My practice and effectiveness comes from conduct and a stance that is incompatible with resolving conflicts through violence.


Taoism is a religion where there is no God. It is based on the interaction between everything around you with reverence and respect.


Tao means How. How things happen, how they work. Causes and consequences.


The Harmony and the softness is the way of acting

It does not oblige and does not impose, accept and seek to understand.


Violence is the loss of reason and lack of resources.

The definition of a Country in the dictionary is as follows:  a territory distinguished as its people, culture, language , geography.

An area of land distinguished by its autonomy, state.

The people of a territory , state.

The USA wants to impose their culture, their views, and their ways everywhere.

The whole world is in turmoil for its wrong policies.

I would support your troops while defending your own borders, not while crossing them to kill for imposition of your selfish interests.

I always had a great respect for my clients individually.

I understand every soldier is a brave, but we have to recognize governments and politicians are usually dirty.

Besides, for me, life in the USA is too stressful.

And I made not much out profit of this.

Immediate relief from pain guaranteed would not buy me a decent meal.


I apologise for the inconvenience.


I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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